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Full Spectrum HR Services

Challenge: An organization that experienced hypergrowth in business, leading to 11,500 employee strength spread across 2,700 locations, wanted to streamline and centralize HR operations.

Solution: Off-shore HR Team

An off-shore team of HR professionals was set up to cover end-to-end payroll management, HR help desk implementation and day-to-day support, HR report generation for multiple levels of management, recruitment support, and documentation management, as well as travel desk implementation for in-house corporate travel.

The end-to-end payroll management team was responsible for managing all aspects of payroll, including processing and generating payroll reports, maintaining employee records, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

The HR help desk implementation and day-to-day support team was responsible for providing support to employees on all HR-related issues, including benefits, leave, and policies. The team was available to provide support to employees on a 24/7 basis, ensuring that employees had access to the support they needed at all times.

The HR report generation team was responsible for generating reports for multiple levels of management, providing the company with greater visibility into HR-related metrics and data.

The recruitment support and documentation management team was responsible for managing the recruitment process and maintaining employee records, including resumes, offer letters, and other relevant documentation.

Finally, the travel desk implementation team was responsible for setting up and managing the company’s in-house corporate travel program.


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Success Stories