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Loss Prevention


The retail stores of a telecommunication company were grappling with the problem of theft and operational inefficiencies, which was leading to significant losses. To address this issue, the company decided to take a proactive approach and implement a  loss prevention program.


Implementing a team of loss prevention analysts responsible for:

  • Tech support to cameras across 2,786 locations
  • Incident management through review of surveillance footage

  • Real-time alarm monitoring

  • Coordination with law enforcement for legal procedures

  • Real-time video audits of inventory

Key Benefits

The implementation of a loss prevention program helped address the issue of significant losses due to theft and operational inefficiencies in its retail stores. The team provided technical support to the cameras across 2,786 locations, conducted incident management through review of surveillance footage, performed real-time alarm monitoring, coordinated with law enforcement for legal procedures, and conducted real-time video audits of inventory. This resulted in improved security and reduced losses, providing significant cost savings and peace of mind for the company.

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Success Stories